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All that glitters is not gold

Everyone knows that. You buy a supposedly great product, it meets your expectations and itisalso impressively packaged. But as soon as you arrive at home, you quickly realize that itis not what you expected it to be. And the same can happen to you while you want to explore a city.

Either you are offered a free tour and you find yourself in a cluster of tourists or an expert tour guide will show you the sights that every other tourist has already seen before.

To really immerse yourself in the city, you need more than a normal sightseeing tour.

We at conGozo support you with our platform to explore every city in the world (even your own) according to your needs with the best expert -your local hero. You will experience the city off the beaten track according to your personal preferences.

We have the perfect companion for your personal experience.The people who offer the experience live and work in the destination of your choice. They will show you exactly what you want to see and provide you with lots of background information,stories and urban legends. Whether sport, leisure, culinary , arts, culture, literature, street art or the independent scene -with us you will find people who share your interests and are happy to introduce you to the microcosm of the city, which changesso quickly that not even the best online travel guide can keep up with.

And the whole service is free of charge!


People make the city, not the buildings

Become active and offer experiences! You are a resident and fan of your own city and love to tell others about it? Do you have hobbies or interests that you enjoy and would like to share them with others?

Offer other people something they will remember for a lifetime. In our community you can network with people from all over the world, present yourself and your city and get to know different cultures.

What does conGozo offer?

CONGOZO is currently developing a platform that makes it possible to connect the inhabitants of a city with interested visitors or like-minded people. The platform is a web application that can be used both on mobile devices and on PC. Locals can offer their adventures and anyone who is interested can book these offers easily. And itiscompletely free of charge.

What do I need?

A smartphone is sufficient to register once on our platform. Of course it is also possible to view our offered experiences without registration or to getspecial tips about the different cities or areas.

When does it start?

We will launch our platform in Vienna in spring 2020. We will gradually start to offer ourservice in Europe and all over the world. Our vision for the future is, that youwill be able to travel individually worldwide with the help of conGozo.

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Deputy: Phillip Bauer, BA

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